Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How and when should I take Liberation?

Liberation is designed to be taken daily. Seven drops of the pipette to be taken directly onto or under the tongue. There is no need to hold them in your mouth; you can swallow them straight away. Liberation may be taken at night, generally two hours before sleep, or in the day. First thing in the morning is good. The advantage of taking it at night is it allows more dream processing of past events to occur, which can be useful especially if there is a lot of traumatic history.

The advantage of taking it during the day is you get to watch your own process as it plays back in reverse. People you have not seen in ages may suddenly appear before you to interact with, or old memories may surface for you to watch. This in itself is very interesting as it allows you to see how much trapped memory is actually stored in the body, slowing you down.

Some people take it twice a day, though I do not recommend taking it more than three times a day as the flood of memory might be a bit intense and unpleasant. Ideally this process should be as rapid and powerful yet as gentle as possible. Far exceeding the recommended dose might be overwhelming.

2. How should Liberation be stored?

Liberation is fairly impervious to most things like heat and cold, but strong electromagnetic frequencies might not interact so well, so don’t store it on the microwave or next to your wifi router.

Apart from this, the one thing you must always avoid is direct sunlight, as this will have an adverse effect on the remedy and may even destroy it if exposed for long enough. Some of the components in this remedy are impervious to the sun, but some are not. The remedy is contained within an amber vial so there is some protection and a few seconds in the sun is fine, but to be safe always keep it out of direct sunlight.

3. Who can take Liberation?

Anyone over the age of 18 can take Liberation. It could conceivably be taken by those younger but I have done no studies on this and until further information comes to light I would rather keep it in the realm of consenting adults. This being said, it is just cleaning your memory so could be useful for anyone, but for legal issues I am at present only advising it for people over the age of 18. Part of the reason I do not recommend it for the under 18’s is they are still developing and I do not think it is wise to interfere in natural processes even with the best intentions.

It is contraindicated for pregnant women and lactating mothers, it should also not be given to people on psychiatric medication.

4. What does Liberation work on? What is it for?

I could write a book on this question alone. I will try and be as brief as possible.

Liberation is designed as a cleaner of memories. It is able to go into the body and unlock the door where the memories are kept. This allows memories to bubble to the surface and either be experienced as a dream or as waking life full body memory of the stored event.

Lots of memories have been stored in the body from emotionally traumatic events and when you take Liberation it gives the body the chance to release them by experiencing them once more – sometimes with the emotional content, sometimes not.

Once the memory is unhooked from the body, the space it was occupying is freed up. This then joins the pool of available attention you have to bring to any event. Since memories take up resources, when you release locked memories you release the resources so you literally have more energy at your disposal.

If we take the rocks out of the backpack we are carrying the journey becomes much easier as there is less weight to carry and we can move faster. This applies to emotional baggage as well. Once emotional baggage is released we have a greater pool of emotional force to engage with any situation.

This is just one aspect of the remedy – the rest relates to clearing all sorts of other blocks which might be stopping you from being completely yourself.

The base of the remedy establishes the mood of openness and exultation; the feeling anything is possible and you are free to pursue what you want and will have the energetic resources and drive to follow through on this, all engaged in the mode of enjoyment.

Life is not meant to be a struggle and a stress. Joy and boundless creativity are your natural state and this remedy aims to return you to this place.

Another part of the remedy strengthens your taking no nonsense from the world, being firm and unapologetic in your convictions about being you. This helps you make the needed changes to move away from dysfunctional behaviours, patterns, relationships, etc to a more healthy interaction with all beings and with yourself.

This remedy is intensely personal. It is all about you and your relationship with yourself. Therefore what you will experience in your journey back to self is inconceivable, although there are certain areas it will inevitably touch in the process, namely: relationships, work interactions and ways of interacting more optimally towards a beneficial outcome for all.

This is just the start of the journey with Liberation. Once you gather steam you will have the energy to engage more, without exhaustion, so your experience of life becomes richer and your interactions become more authentic and cleaner.

Lots of people have experienced increased clarity and depth while working with their preferred discipline – tai chi, yoga, chi kung, meditation – and then there are sports and other martial arts where I am sure people will also experience growth.

I am not making any claims about this. I am merely relaying my experiences and the experiences of many who have taken it, and in this we find the common ground Liberation covers.

Other people have found their conflict resolution skills improving as they are less prone to go into conflictual states and find a new more enjoyable way of engaging with the situation, one that works for all.

I can personally vouch for this as it helped me move quickly through situations which would otherwise have been a bit of a nightmare. It is with total pleasure I watch as all parties, myself included, emerged happy.

The list of effects really goes on and on, but the main point to take away is if your body and mind are working more harmoniously with your self, your ability to navigate and engage with reality becomes more effortless and enjoyable.

5. Is it safe to take during pregnancy?

I would say definitely no, even though no tests have been done on this to date. I am unwilling to even approach the subject due to its volatility and rather err on the side of safety.  Pregnancy is a time for building new cells so this deep cleansing process would best be done before or after pregnancy.

So to clarify, do not take during pregnancy. Ever.

6. Does it affect any chronic medical or psychological conditions?

This question is even more problematic to answer than the pregnancy one. However, once stored memories in the body are cleared and more of the body’s natural energies become available, there is less of an impediment to total health.

In a nutshell, if you are feeling great and full of life you are less likely to be sick. How this translates into health in the body and removal of general conditions is inconceivable and will be the subject of people’s testimonials with Liberation.

But for now we make no therapeutic claims for Liberation and allow for anything. One woman who was suffering from depression took it and is now doing fantastically, but this is just her story.

To some extent we are all suffering from the psychological ailments of living and surviving in the world, otherwise known as stress. Liberation definitely makes it easier and more enjoyable to get up in the morning and have a great day without a lot of the normal stressors. In this regard, yes, it will have an effect on improving one’s quality of life and everything included with that.

7. What is the effect of Liberation on other medications?

This is also a very difficult question to answer. Since Liberation is a very complex structure doing many things in the body it is best not to take it in conjunction with other substances.

It might not interfere with other medicines; however, the body gets confused if asked to do too many things at once and then refuses to do any of them or gets stunned by the barrage of orders and freezes.

Some medicines will not be affected by this process. I continue with personal homoeopathic treatments with Liberation and it only enhances the treatment. What I am talking about here are some of the psychiatric medications used to suppress symptoms while Liberation tries to clear the memory which is often where the trauma lies. It is like telling the body to go to America and England at the same time: it will have a hard time obeying.

I have not trialled Liberation on people who are taking chronic medications. So actually I cannot say and the time it would take to trial it on every medication would be prohibitive and almost impossible to monitor effectively.

I do not counsel or suggest taking liberation in conjunction with psychiatric medicines but If you want to take Liberation and still continue with other medications you can take a few doses of Liberation and see how the body reacts. If it is fine, you can continue with it, but if there is some unusual reaction you should stop immediately.

I am in no way advocating this course of action because I just don’t know. From a legal point of view I would say don’t do it even though I believe Liberation will benefit everyone. How it will work in the body with other medications is actually inconceivable so I am just putting it out there. If you choose to experiment with it in this way, something I do not endorse but feel in my heart might still be beneficial, you do so on your own recognisance and liberation takes no responsibility for the outcome either positive or negative.

I have had a few people ask me about the effect in conjunction with taking CBD oil at night and my response is you should then take Liberation in the day once the CBD has worn off.  Generally the more things you are taking at once the more confused the body becomes.

8. Has anyone had any adverse reactions to Liberation?

There have been no adverse reactions on the 100 initial people whom I initially trialed on Liberation and none in the 100 people who have taken it over a period of 4 months.

People have had strong emotions come up – fear, grief, anger – in the process of clearing but they always pass once the emotions have been seen and acknowledged or expressed. This is part of the process of Liberation and is to be expected, especially if there has been a lot of strong suppressed emotion in the person.

This is an important point to clarify: emotions arising during the Liberation process are not an adverse effect; this is part of the process and a healthy expression of cleansing and really a necessity for a healthy and happy person.

Personally I did not go through much of this although I had some quite extreme dreams which played out my fears so I could let them go.

Some people do report tears, bouts of rage, or other means of release but afterwards they are much calmer and able to deal more effectively with life without these bottled up emotions.

In Ayurveda, they say the suppression of any of the discharges causes disease, and this is true. Equally true, is the suppression of any of the emotions is bound to lead to states of unhappiness, and then possibly disease.

This is where Liberation is so helpful. It aids you in the removal of your old suppressed memories and emotions so a new flower can arise from the dying plant and a new you can essentially be born from the ashes of the old.

9. What can I do to make the Liberation process more effective or rapid?

All sorts of practices like yoga, meditation tai chi, chi kung, etc. will be enhanced and will enhance the Liberation process. Time in silence will benefit the Liberation process as you become more aware of what is arising as the process runs through the body.

Taking it at night will increase dream processing whilst taking it in the day brings up all sorts of interesting memory aspects to be processed and then let go of.

Some people choose to take it more than once a day to accelerate the process and no harm seems to come of this. Instead, even more rapid transformation occurs.

I neither endorse nor reject this dosage. I recommend once a day and caution against more than three times a day. I am well aware people will do what they want whatever you tell them. I also cannot fault people in wanting to accelerate their process but I stick to the maxim of making any process as rapid and as gentle as possible which would be once a day.

Liberation as a remedy is really about allowing people to make the right choices for themselves once they understand the nature of the substance. This understanding only comes from taking the remedy and seeing how it works on you.

Ceremonial work as well as plant medicine work can only be enhanced by this product, though as yet no studies have been done, except with cacao where Liberation greatly potentiated the ceremonial effect of the cacao.

More testimonials of this nature will no doubt be forthcoming. I look forward to including them in the unfolding canvas of Liberation appearing before us as we all add our bit of paint to the great portrait of the human experience we gaze upon together.

The number of bottles of Liberation taken will also determine what you receive from it as each bottle is different. After a while however, on about the 5th bottle, with a lot of the memory cleared it gets experienced as a solid boost of clear light. The body takes a while to adjust to the newfound freedom, most notably on about bottle two and three, and it useful to throw in some wishes here to give it something to work with.

Other mindfulness practices are also useful whilst working with Liberation. Observing the emotions arising and allowing them to be seen and then letting go is also useful. Then there is chod, where one allows in every thing, creatures or forces that wants a piece of you and you give it to them. Once satisfied they go away and take the fear or anger with them. In fact Liberation really suits any discipline which focuses on watching the mind as this gives you a huge shovel which digs in all the old cells to allow out their contents to be dealt with and then sent away.

10. Who should take Liberation?
  • Everybody over the age of 18.
  • Everyone who wants to feel alive and full of their own energy returned to them.
  • Anyone who wants their dreams to come true because they are no longer bound by memories of their past. Anyone who has a dream and is struggling to make it come true due to circumstances personal or otherwise.
  • Anyone who is grieving, sad, angry, jealous, fearful and/or in pain.
  • Anyone approaching the end of their life who desires to make peace with their memories, their loved ones and themselves.
  • Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by circumstances and responsibilities, who feels they are drowning in the weight of things or just surviving to live another day to hold off the inevitable collapse into debt.

This was me a few months ago: too many attacks, too many responsibilities, always just keeping my head above the water. Now it is all just opening up on so many levels as I unwind from my own constricted state and release so much of the accumulated heaviness of my own existence.

This same energy which used to bind me is now like a force in my cells pushing me forward every day with relentless energy. People even say my voice has changed. I wake up at 4am eager to meet the day, dive into work which doesn’t even feel like work and then reap the rewards of the day.

In all honesty and with total conviction, I cannot imagine how this substance would not benefit anyone immeasurably. It has so many positive effects on the whole system. I know I made it, but I have also watched my self be transformed by it.

11. How does Liberation combine with other disciplines?

Thus far Liberation has only enhanced every interaction with every discipline with which it has come in contact.

Those who do tai chi and chi kung report greater connection to the practice. Those who do yoga go much deeper into themselves and the asanas when they take Liberation before they begin. Those who practice meditation report a much higher degree of connection to themselves, and those who just spend time observing their thoughts report greater insight into their own processes often finding new ways to resolve thorny emotional issues.

Those who mix Liberation with ceremonial practices or medicines report that people go much deeper into themselves and are able to clear things more quickly during and after the ceremony.

Even problem-solving seems to be improved by Liberation, especially in relationships with other people. I noticed this in myself, and then some of the initial people who took Liberation began to report it as well.

The full extent of Liberation’s effects are still being mapped out as they come in contact with all the activities, spiritual or otherwise, we as human beings engage in.

What can be said with certainty is the more you are in alignment with yourself, the easier everything becomes and the deeper you are able to sink into any discipline you choose.

12. Is there extra guidance on the process of taking Liberation?

In the process of taking Liberation we always go for the most rapid and most gentle way through. I recommend taking it once a day. Take it for the first week in the evening two hours before bed to allow the heavier processing to occur during sleep. Then it is to be taken in the day, morning is best.

If sleep is disturbed in any way by Liberation then best to just take it during the day.

Also if one feels a lot of agitation it might mean that the process is happening too quickly due to sensitivity or depth of memory and one needs to slow the process down. Taking it every second day or even every third day will make the process more gentle and manageable.

Also some people are just more sensitive to the remedy than others and need less of a push to get the ball rolling. These people might even need to take it just once a week.

Listen to your body and when it becomes uncomfortable just listen, take a day or two out and then start up again. This is not a race it is a journey without end back to the self and if you traumatize yourself by sprinting there too fast you generate patterning around that which will need to be undone later. What rapid and gentle looks and feels like for each person will vary dramatically and there is no right or wrong just guidelines to make the process more enjoyable.

Personally I find the process fascinating which is why I savour each step of it as I will not be coming back to that again, ever. In the farewell journey to the junk of the heart and the mind I like to enjoy every minute of it.

13. Why does my Liberation taste different in different countries?

Liberation is made up in different countries using distilled water and the alcohol that is most iconic for that country, so taste may vary between bottles.  It is all made from the same concentrate so everyone gets exactly the same Liberation but it may just vary slightly in taste from country to country.

14. Why does price differ in different countries?

Price of Liberation may vary from country to country due to the relative strength of the currency.  This is to allow it be purchased by everyone regardless of whether they are in Peru, India, New York, London or Paris.