About Us

The Mission Of Liberation

“Our mission is to liberate the planet. A desire for liberation to spread to the four corners of the world so that everyone may have a chance to live the fullest version of themselves by removing a lot of the emotional debris and pain of the past.”

Just as a body is not healthy if one part of it is sick, we cannot ignore the pain of any people as this will end up making the whole body sick eventually.  This is why it needs to go everywhere. If any group of people feel isolated, in suffering, or having lost their way, this will eventually ricochet out onto other groups and drag them into a similar state.    

If 10 percent of the world’s population were to take liberation the world would change radically and it would probably be enough to bring deep seated and lasting change to the world.   

To use the image of the body again, if enough of it is healthy and happy it can bring the rest of the organism back into a state of happiness and balance.

Actual numbers are less important than totality of coverage throughout the world and it is our mission here at liberation to see that it spreads to every country on earth as then those who have taken it can become beacons of light in the sea of darkness and lead everyone by example.

“Our Vision Is To Liberate The 4 Corners Of The Globe”

Our Principles


A vision of collective unity between all peoples. Bringing peace on earth and a sense of collaboration, co-creation and celebration.


Through inter connectivity, transparency and communication within all people. Resolution, mediation and true connection can emerge, resulting in absolute peace amongst all people.


Compassion for all beings, recognizing all must be given equal opportunity to thrive, be well and feel loved. It is with this we continue on the mission leaving no stone unturned.


Living life with passion, love and a following of one’s excitement results in embracing life to its fullest.


Using ancient and modern practices, balancing the visions of science and spirituality, we come to a potent balance. Bringing the power of both perspectives back whole again, to usher in a new level of advancement on the planet.

Who We Are

We are a group of conscious individuals acting as catalysts in order to pioneer a new way of being on the planet.  Liberation is a tool which supports our personal mission of spreading love, awareness, and wisdom across the planet. We come from all walks of life, and are now settled in our purpose as healers, way showers, visionaries, creatives and conscious leaders.

A Message From Our Founder

Welcome to Liberation. My name is Adamas, I studied English and classics at Rhodes university in South Africa and then homoeopathy and naturopathy  in Australia which I finished in 2000. I have been practicing as a homoeopathic doctor ever since and have been working with various plant medicines and developing a unique range of alchemical homoeopathic formulations to cater to a more enlightened and discerning audience.

I have a blog on Facebook called homoeopathic secrets. I have a profound commitment to the skills required to bring about swift, beautiful and radical healing and I use all the tools at my disposal including plant medicine, higher Buddhist practices and my own unique methodology and evolution of homoeopathic principles which I have found to seriously accelerate the healing process. This has all been born from 15 years of clinical experience in the field and a relentless commitment to finding the most elegant swift and powerful means to bring about lasting change.

My latest creation, Liberation, represents this and is the culmination and fruition of all my work and experimentation to create a substance simultaneously deep acting, powerful yet gentle.

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Sole Satiam Paz-Terriza

In my home country Spain, I studied Business Science and I moved to Ireland in 2005 to dive into the Celtic tradition. My experience in Ireland turned into a journey of self-discovery and healing. After this, I left the business world to immerse myself in the study of ancient healing traditions which led me to the Healing Arts. My passion for plant and crystal medicine have taken me to travel and live in places like Mexico, France, India and England specialising in shadow process and working in mental hospitals and with groups. I consider Liberation the perfect medicine for the XXI century. I have experienced myself and witnessed my patients truly access their unique potential. For all this, I feel committed to supporting Liberation being accessible by everyone everywhere.